Bad Habbits

February 24, 2013

Something you do that hurts you is a bad habit. How many of us indulge in that which is not good for us? These habits set us up to feel bad. Habits will not take care of them self, we must resist them. I realize that my thoughts about a habit will either set me on a path towards freedom or keep me in bondage. The mind is powerful. What we think about affects our actions. Think about it! If you don’t believe that you have a powerful mind, what about that habit? What are your thoughts about it? Habits are indulgences: overeating, negative thinking, addictions, bad attitudes, gambling, things that we keep doing that hurt us and others. To indulge in anything that’s not good for us begins in the mind. Habits are not always easy to change, but with the help of God and others we can get free.

Last November my eldest brother died from alcoholism. His daily “habit” of drinking kept him stuck in a personal living hell. In his mind he believed he had to drink. For many years he didn’t even desire to stop. He fed his habit to the point of destroying his body, losing his family, profession, friends, and all that God had intended for him. He was homeless and lived that way for 15 years until his death. What a tragedy. It broke our hearts to watch him slowly deteriorate. We as a family tried to help him, but his mindset kept him in bondage. He believed he couldn’t live without alcohol. We grieve for what could have been for him. God had gifted him with talents and he never met his full potential. His mindsets and habits along with choices became the downfall of his life. He believed a lie.

Scripture tells us in James 4:7-8 (NIV) “7 submit your selves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you. 8 Come near to God and he will come near to you. Wash your hands, you sinners, and purify your hearts, you double-minded.” There’s a lot that verse tells us. First, give our self over to God instead of our habit. We can resist the lie the devil wants us to believe. We run to God not the habit; we can live without the habit. We can come close to God in the middle of the mess and He will comfort us. We can walk away from the habit and decide to change our minds.

I believe our bad habits grieve God. I know that in my brother’s life, God was there all through the years he continued in his habit. God didn’t love him less, but it wasn’t Gods best for his life. He had a bad habit of hurting himself, instead of trusting and submitting to God. What about us? Is there a habit we need to have God help us with? Let’s turn from it, seek God, resist the devil, pray and draw near to God. He will help us overcome that which hurts us.

What do we have to lose, a bad habit? Submit to God. Give him everything. Allow him to be the leader of our life. Resist, oppose the enemy, fight back, and don’t give in. Let’s change our minds about our habits and believe God. There have been times when I have struggled with habits. They kept me from a life of right living and believing in God. How about you, what habit do you want to change in your life?

Here’s a prayer for you, if you’re ready to break your habit.
Father I come before you with praise and thanksgiving in my heart, in humility I thank you in advance for your mighty movement in my heart and mind. I submit all to you. Break off my habit of_________ that is harmful to me and dishonoring to you. I turn from it today. Bind Satan and his forces from my life. Pour out your power upon me. I thank you for my new-found freedom, in the mighty name of Jesus!

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