Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the Third Step Event for?

The Third Step Event is for women whose lives have been devastated by drug and alcohol addiction and who are now seeking recovery by way of secular recovery programs.

What should I expect at the Third Step Event?

An elegant cost-free event within an atmosphere of love, acceptance and celebration of the women’s decision to achieve sobriety. Following a full course meal, the women are treated to a special program filled with music, drama, testimonials of deliverance and they are presented a powerful and inspiring message of how freedom and transformation was attained through faith in Jesus Christ (Luke 4:18). The women are extended the opportunity to respond to the message of salvation and to pray with a trained altar counselor for God’s love and power to free them from every form addiction and bondage. At the conclusion of the event, the women receive a free Bible, literature to continue in their spiritual growth, a gift bag filled with lots of special goodies, and a referral list to local churches for the women’s continued Christian growth and development upon discharging from their recovery program.

Why the third step?

Understanding that many recovery programs ascribe to the “Twelve Step” methodology as a means to achieve recovery from drug and alcohol, the idea was to host an outreach event specifically for women in secular recovery and place particular focus on the “third step” of the Twelve Step program, “turning one’s life and will over to a higher power.”

How do I get involved in the Third Step Event?

The Third Step Event strongly depends on the participation and support of local church ministries by:

  • Volunteer to serve at the Third Step event as hostess, greeters and counselors.
  • Commit to sponsor a table on behalf of the women in recovery invited to the Third Step event.
  • Willing to be a Resource Church for the women seeking a church fellowship for continued spiritual growth and development upon discharging from their recovery programs.
  • Continue ministry outreach to the recovery programs in the church’s local areas.